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Buying a new car means you have truly made it big in life. New cars are expensive but, they sure elevate your status to a new level. Also, you definitely deserve better things in life. And, what is better than a brand new car?

With CarDestination, you will be able to buy your dream car and that too, at affordable interest rates. The company will understand your financial situation and suggest you with loan quotes that do not burn a hole in your pocket.

Do New Car Loans exist for Bad Credit Car Buyers?

It is fact that new cars are costlier than used cars. But, it doesn’t mean that you should not buy a new car. There are a few lenders and credit unions that do not provide auto financing options to car buyers with bad credit. But, CarDestination is different.

The company has no problem in approving a new car loan request from a bad credit car buyer. It believes that new car loans are not reserved for people with good credit history. Anyone with less-than-perfect credit score or very bad credit history can obtain a new car loan. The only thing important is your present financial condition; not your credit history.

CarDestination - Your Perfect Destination for New Car Loan

Don't think CarDestination is building castles in the air. The company can get you quick approval on new car bad credit financing because:

  • It has the expertise of dealing in bad credit financing for several years and has helped several car buyers with new car loans.

  • CarDestination trusts you. It knows that bad credit is your history and it will focus on your present earning capacity only.

  • New car has higher value and that means lesser risk to the lenders. The company will help you obtain auto loan approval quickly.

How to obtain New Car Loans with Bad Credit?

CarDestination approves loan application of bad credit car buyers. But, you will have to ensure the company of regular monthly payments. Here are a couple of ways in which you can achieve the goal:

  • Regular Income

  • It is imperative that you earn regular monthly income. Also, the income should be sufficient for making regular monthly payments.

  • Cosigner

  • A cosigner is not compulsory for getting auto loan approval but he/she can definitely earn you extra points.

  • Down Payment

  • You can make down payment of 10 percent of the car’s cost in order to establish your credibility as a responsible car buyer.

Buying a New Car from a Zero Down Car Dealer

Do not worry if you do not intend to provide an upfront amount to the dealer. You can stay away from making down payment. CarDestination will help you get in touch with several zero down car dealers. Such dealers do not require any down payment amount to sell a new car to you.

Alternatively, you can use the following tips and buy a brand new car without down payment:

  • Use the cash incentive that you receive from the auto manufacturer, as down payment.

  • Use your old car to trade-in and avoid making down payment in cash.

Take Advantage of Incredibly Low Rates

When it comes to making a practical financial decision, you should not consider monthly payments only. It is important to consider the interest rate because it will tell you how much money you are paying to the lender in the form of interest.

Currently, the interest rates are very low. The new car loan rate for 60-month loan term is 2.96%. You can take advantage of the reduced interest rates and make an affordable car purchase.

CarDestination provides you with a new car loan calculator to help you make the right decision. Usually, bad credit car buyers are so excited about getting auto loan approval that they forget to check whether the loan program is good for them. You should not be a careless car buyer and hurt your chances of improving the credit score. So, make use of the online auto loan calculator to know if you can afford the loan or not.

Make a Secured Auto Loan Request for buying a New Car

In the age of internet, you do not have to walk down to a lender’s office or a dealership lot to seek auto loan approval. You can make use of the online secure auto loan application form on CarDestination.com website.

You will have to type in your personal information and loan details in order to obtain auto loan approval. CarDestination uses 256-bit encryption to protect your information from online hackers. The website is protected with GoDaddy.com Web Server Certificate, making it a secure destination to get auto loans for your new car.

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