Interest rates should not be ignored while buying a car. If you want to make an affordable car purchase, can help you obtain low interest rates on your auto loan. Low rates will make your monthly payments low. Get approved for lower rates now.

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Cars are expensive. Even a good and reliable used car can cost more than $10,000. An average car buyer doesn’t have the financial capacity to buy a car in cash. So, what is the alternative? A car loan is the answer.

Usually, car buyers are excited about bringing home their dream car. Amidst the excitement, they forget about the interest rate. But, being a smart car buyer, you should not sign the loan contract before comparing the interest rate. It is a folly to reflect on the monthly payments only. Instead, you should focus on each and every financial aspect of the loan program.

We help you make an Affordable Car Purchase

CarDestination helps you buy the car of your dreams. It ensures that you do not spend an exorbitant amount on interest by providing you with low rate auto loan options. The company has wide experience of understanding your loan requirements and then, initiating the loan process. Do not worry if your credit score is low or your income is less. CarDestination will find you a loan that’s easy on your wallet.

Compare Rates to choose the Car Loan Option with Low APR

CarDestination is the perfect solution for buying a car at affordable interest rates. The company gives you the freedom to make a choice from several financing options. Once your loan application is approved, you can compare the rates with the online auto loan calculator. It will help you to discuss the loan terms with our loan representative and make the best decision.

You can enjoy low APR on several financing options such as:

  • 48 month Used Car Loan with APR 2.81%
  • 60 month Used Car Loan with APR 2.93%
  • 72 month Used Car Loan with APR 2.90%

  • 48 month New Car Loan with APR 3.20%
  • 60 month New Car Loan with APR 3.30%
  • 72 month New Car Loan with APR 2.85%

If you are looking for a longer loan term and want to opt for a car loan for more than 8 years, CarDestination can help you customize the loan program with low monthly payments.

Low Rates Auto Loans and Bad Credit

Often, buying a car with bad credit is considered expensive. What is the main reason behind it? It is because lenders consider bad credit car buyers risky. They believe that people with bad credit will not make regular payments. So, they charge higher interest rates for the higher risk involved in approving a bad credit loan application.

But, when you apply with CarDestination, you can forget everything about interest rates. The company believes that every individual should have access to affordable car loans and low APR. It works hard to find you the best auto loan rates. So, do not worry if you want to apply for car loan with bad credit, low interest rates can be yours.

How is it possible to get Low Rate Auto Loans even with Bad Credit?

It is often seen that banks and traditional lenders have stringent approval criteria. It is for this reason that they prefer good credit car buyers. But, CarDestination doesn’t work exclusively with them. It can help you find the best financing option for your car loan and enable you to make the car purchase quickly.

  • Reputed Bad Credit Car Dealers

  • The company works with several bad credit dealers who will have no problem in approving your car loan request. Also, these dealers will help you finish the car buying process quickly. You can select a car model from their wide selection of new cars as well as pre-owned cars. It means you will be able to buy the car and loan under the same roof. What a way to accelerate the loan process?

  • Experienced Subprime Lenders

  • If you are interested in buying a car from a specific dealer of your area, CarDestination can help you in obtaining finance for the car. It will connect you with an experienced subprime lender efficiently.

    Do subprime lenders offer low interest rates on car loans? The question might arise in your mind. The answer is yes. As subprime lenders conduct their business on a large scale, they are able to provide reduced cost of financing.

Useful Tips to obtain Lower-than-Market Rates on your Next Car Loan

CarDestination is not just a run-of-the-mill auto financing company. It will give you useful guidelines and suggestions to help you make an affordable car purchase.

  • Down Payment

  • If your credit score is really low or you have just discharged Chapter 7 bankruptcy successfully, you should consider opting for down payment. Down payment will instill a sense of faith in the lender. Also, he will be able to judge your loan application in a positive light.

  • Cosigner

  • Cosigner - An individual with a good credit score will make your loan application strong. As the lenders are assured of regular monthly payments, it becomes easy for them to reduce the APR.

  • Compare Rates to find the Best Financing Option

  • A bad credit car buyer often says yes to any kind of interest rate that is offered to him. But, do not say yes to the loan quotes offered by the very first bank you apply. Instead, work with a couple of subprime lenders to make a sound decision.

    If you do not want to do the work of finding the lowest interest rates by visiting several banks and dealership lots, CarDestination can help you. The company works with several dealers and lenders. It will find loan quotes for you, compare them and help you choose the one that best suits your requirements.

  • Use the Auto Loan Calculator

  • Do not agree to any financial gimmicks or marketing tricks. Use the auto loan calculator to learn the average monthly payment amount and the total amount that you will be spending on the interest. It will help you choose the best loan quote by comparing interest rates. Also, make sure that you consider non-financial aspects on the loan quote such as pre-payment penalty, loan term, conditions etc. before signing the loan contract.

Get the Best Interest Rates with CarDestination

CarDestination is your ideal destination for buying a car with low interest rates. Get the best rates by applying on the secure online auto loan application form today. Apply now; buy your favorite car immediately.